03 June 2008

wellie good car

Today was definitely a day for wellies...

As it was too dark for picture taking, here are some from a few days ago: a fab retro car parked in our development. I really hanker after a Morris. But this Citroën is not only beautifully restored and maintained...it's the same color as my wellies!


  1. Ah, the good old 2CV. My mother wanted to buy one when I was about 14. We took it for a test drive, but the gearstick was on the dash and she couldn't drive it at all. I think on balance, it was a lucky escape. Although now they do seem all retro and cute.

  2. I can absolutely imagine you in a 2CV. There would be room in the back for your chickens (when you get them!)

  3. It's a gorgeous colour! I don't think I've seen one that isn't a complete rust bucket!

  4. my uncle used to drive a 2CV!!!

    they're great, but very uncomfortable for a child sliding everywhere on the back seat (the days before compulsory seatbelts...)