10 June 2008

getting our greens

We've had a magnificent crop of asparagus on the allotment this year, so we've been trying new asparagus recipes. One of our favorites so far has been the Asparagus and Mint Frittata from this book:

As we also have a big crop of mint, I now just need to convince the allotment committee to let us keep chickens, and we'll be nearly self-sufficient in frittata ingredients!


  1. That frittata looks delicious - in Spain they make frittata sandwiches which are very good.

    Now...Kristina...listen up...mint is for Pimms not omelettes. Don't waste it!

  2. and what you don't use in pimms, you can make mint jelly with! mmm

  3. I see what Domesticali means, your china is so lovely.