08 June 2008

rise and shine

Breakfast during the week is invariably cold cereal and toast, which I do love. But on the weekend, we always have pancakes.

G thinks our pancakes look like moons, and he's provided me with this picture (of Io, a moon of Jupiter) to prove it:

Hard to tell which is which--no?


  1. Perhaps we will discover that the surface of Io is covered with maple syrup. Could make it a bit sticky for the astronauts when they go walkabout.

  2. We do weekend pancakes too, though our plates are not as snazzy.

  3. And we do too!! But the boys prefer Nutella on them, not maple syrup.

    Uncivilised, I know.

  4. mmm, I love the idea that moons are made of pancakes and not of cheese!

  5. Presumably your pancake has a breathable atmosphere, though? Or do you serve it to your Mother in Law? (ark ark ark)