29 March 2012

saturday at savill

Last Saturday, G and I followed Jane's advice and headed to Savill Garden. It had been ages since our last visit, and with such brilliant blue skies, we couldn't resist. There were bees and blossom

and magnolias in every stage,

from bud, to bloom, to petals on the paths:

We wandered past familiar favorites,

and found a new favorite (veltheimia) in the Temperate House,

where more bees were buzzing, reminding us we really should be working too:

So we headed back to the Allotments. But on our way out, we spotted new growth on the hydrangeas,

surely the perfect excuse for another visit...

21 March 2012

crochet in cley

While Monica, Ali, and I were in Mrs Moon on Monday, we had a look through the new pattern books. Being absolutely hopeless at crochet, Rowan's Holiday Crochet didn't really interest me,

until Monica flipped it open, and I saw the chalkboard advertising Homemade Lavender Bread:

Because this isn't just any chalkboard. This the chalkboard that hangs outside Picnic Fayre Delicatessen, in our very favorite holiday spot, Cley-next-the-Sea.

A closer inspection revealed the entire brochure was indeed photographed in Cley. How did I not recognize the windmill on the cover? But sadly, I've never looked this sexy on my visits to the deli:

Do you think a crochet bag and cardi would help?

19 March 2012

crème de la crème

Pitango Gelato is my all-time favorite gelato shop. Blending organic milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and produce from local farms, Pitango makes super flavorful gelato with a lovely clean finish.

© Pitango Gelato

Sadly, the branch near my mum has been discontinuing my favorite flavors one-by-one: Fior di Latte, Crème Fraîche, Yogurt, Black Tea... I hesitate to mention my current favorites for fear they could be next!

© Pitango Gelato

But I need no longer mourn the demise of Crème Fraîche, as I've just made my very own batch, again using a recipe from David Lebovitz' The Perfect Scoop:

Amazingly, it has the same creamy texture, slightly sharp flavor, and smooth finish as the Pitango version. And while I'd always rather go to Pitango, I suppose I better start looking out recipes for some of my other favorites...just in case!

16 March 2012

blue sky thinking

Yesterday, Tracy, Nancy, and I met up for a much-overdue visit to Kew. There were blooms a-plenty on the way to the station,

and even more spectacular ones in Kew itself, from big and showy

to small and dainty,

all beneath a cloudless blue sky:

And over lunch, we did a bit of blue sky thinking ourselves. Inspired by The Happiness Project, we each now have a personal goal to meet before our next visit. Better get busy!

14 March 2012

on celadon

While studying at Christie's Education many moons ago, I fell in love with Chinese celadon. Recently, my interest has been reawakened by modern British potters working with celadon glazes, including Edmund de Waal

and Chris Keenan (who apprenticed to Edmund de Waal):

© Beaux Arts Bath

And now my passions for pots and yarn have met in a new pair of socks knit in Madelinetosh's celadon colorway:

So while I still only dream of owning a piece of celadon ware, I can enjoy my very own celadon wear!

12 March 2012

mmm-mmm malt

When I was little, my dad would occasionally take me out for malts at our local ice cream shop. These are some of my happiest memories of time with my dad and perhaps account for my enduring love of tall, frothy malts in ice-cold, stainless steel cups. Someday, I dream of having one of these:

But in the meantime, I'm quite happy with a scoop of Malted Milk Ice Cream, made from the recipe in David Lebovitz' The Perfect Scoop:

A generous measure of malt powder gives this ice cream a super velvety texture, as well as that very distinctive flavor. Mmm-mmm malt!

09 March 2012

new beginnings

Oh it's been such a long time--nearly spring already!

Spring being all about new beginnings, I figure it's time to put my best foot forward and get busy blogging again,

wearing a new pair of socks, of course, knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Trodden. And despite the name of the colorway, I'll do my very best not to tread on any burgeoning blooms...