31 May 2008

petersham nurseries

Yesterday, G and I both had the day off, so we went for morning coffee and cake at one of my favorite spots in Richmond, Petersham Nurseries. Even when it's mucky outside, the wood-panelled teahouse is delightfully warm and cosy and the greenhouses wonderfully elegant.

All my favorite grays, blues, and greens...galvanized metal, earthy pottery, and well-worn wood...and of course the amazing plants...

I managed to talk the teahouse staff into giving me the recipe for my favorite fig cake. But even if I manage to replicate the cake, I know I'll never be able to duplicate the surroundings.

Petersham is currently under threat from the Council. I simply can't understand anyone wanting to close it.

29 May 2008

new persephone bookshop

On Saturday, G and I visited the new Persephone Bookshop in Kensington Church Street. The new shop carries a small but very well-chosen range of literary fiction, history, biography, gardening, cookery, and children's books. While I loved the new shop--very chic and tasteful--G rather missed visiting some of the other little shops along Lamb's Conduit Street (site of the original shop).

Last night, I finished Persephone book no. 67, The Fortnight in September by R.C. Sherriff, a lovely evocation of a 1930s working class family's annual seaside holiday, which I'd definitely recommend. I did have one little quibble with the text, though. The couple that looks after the Stevens' house while they're away takes the runner beans and rhubarb from the Stevens' garden in return. While runner beans can be harvested in September, rhubarb (as far as I know) can only really be harvested until midsummer. Perhaps this is a sign I'm spending too much time on the allotment!

28 May 2008

a grown-up half-term

G has decided the half-term holiday shouldn't be for children only. So he's taken this week off to work in the allotment. This is his smile heading out on the weekend...before the constant rain and drizzle set in. Good thing G is a hardy gardener!

26 May 2008

rainy day

When I lived in Williamstown (Massachusetts) I had the most beautiful, lush pink peonies just outside my front door. Sadly my front door now opens into a hallway. But at least I can still enjoy some amazing peonies, courtesy of Waitrose, on a wet, gray London day.

16 May 2008

the game begins

The oldest hockey club in the world meets just behind our apartment, and maybe one of these days I'll learn how to play. But this blog isn't really about hockey at all.

The first time I heard my English husband utter 'jolly hockey sticks!', I fell completely in love with the phrase and resolved to use it as often as possible. Unfortunately, it sounds absolutely absurd when said in an American accent.

So I'm contenting myself with this blog title. That is until I perfect my very posh English accent, which seeing as it has been six years already, might be quite a while!