24 February 2009

totally torta

My new favorite treat: Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas.

Each torta is wrapped in its own little square of waxed paper, which must be oh-so-carefully opened...

...to reveal the most delicate, flaky flatbread, sprinkled with sugar and flavored with anise. Like cardamom, I absolutely adore anise. And then there's the olive oil. Each torta is nearly a quarter extra-virgin olive oil.

Ines Rosales tortas have been made in Seville since 1910 and are still flattened by hand. The ladies in the factory train for three months (!) in the proper flattening technique, and they take a break from flattening every 19 minutes.

Amazing what you can learn on the Internet while enjoying your torta!

20 February 2009

fly away home, part two

Why weren't my United flight attendants this jolly?

Have arrived back in Teddington. Will write a proper post soon!