19 February 2010

the fragrant tea room

Midweek it seemed spring was on its way. But by Thursday, we were back to thick cloud and soaking rain. So I pulled on my wellies...

and headed into town for tea with Miranda.

We met at one of her favorite haunts: the Miller Harris Fragrant Tea Room, tucked into the back of the Miller Harris shop on Bruton Street in Mayfair.

It's the perfect spot for a cuppa...or two... In fact we wiled away nearly two hours! And the tea, blended by Tim from Postcard Teas, was heavenly. The best tea I've had outside Postcard Teas itself:

image: Miller Harris

There are currently six blends available. As it was still quite early, I opted for Thé Bigarade, the breakfast tea. But next time, I'm keen to try Thé Fumé,

image: Dean & Deluca

a smoky black tea with hints of cardamom. Perhaps a reason to look forward to our next rainy day, which knowing London, won't be long to wait!

10 February 2010

sugar and spice

It may look a bit dull...

but this jar contains the secret to the best winter warmer.

I first read about homemade chai concentrate on Angry Chicken back in January, made a mental note to try it, then promptly forgot. But a week or so later, I saw it again on The Prairie Girl, and having been reminded, determined to make it straight away.

Now I don't know why I waited. The most time-consuming part was crushing the cardamom (mmm!). The rest took less than five minutes.

And unlike commercial chai mixes, which I often find too sweet, two teaspoons of homemade concentrate in a mug of strong tea is perfect: just the right amount of sugar and spice. Very nice.

06 February 2010

cowls for the cold, part two

Inspired by Diana, I cast on for the Eternity Scarf, which is really more a cowl than a scarf. A long loop with three different stitch patterns--cartridge rib, horizontal cartridge rib, and stockinette--it can be worn long and drapey,

or short and cozy:

It knit up quite quickly in the Rowan Lima, so I made a second one in brown,

because even I reckon we've had a bit too much gray around here lately!