04 January 2011

fly away home, take two

After a splendid tea and wander with Sarah and Stanley,

it's once again time to fly away home.

Just wish I'd saved one of Petersham's fab flapjacks for the flight, as the catering on United really doesn't compare.

03 January 2011

all tied up

Despite my lofty ambitions and best intentions, I only managed one handmade gift this year: a new tie for G, knit in Rowan Cotton Glace using the Moss Stitch Tie pattern in Purls of Wisdom.

A quick knit, I finished the knitting and blocking in a single December weekend when G was out-of-town. Now just hoping its handmade nubbiness will fit in with the office's dress-down dress code...and, most of all, hoping G won't be too embarrassed by it!