31 July 2011

paletas, parte tres

The weather has turned super-steamy, and the blackberries have ripened super-early, so we celebrated both this weekend with Paletas de Yogurt con Moras (Yogurt Pops with Berries) from Paletas.

Greek yogurt is blended with a lemon-infused sugar syrup, then poured into blackberry-filled molds. Very easy and very tasty.

The only disadvantage of these otherwise fab pops is they seem to melt faster than the others:

But it's only really a problem if you're faffing about trying to take the perfect blog photo!

14 July 2011

paletas, parte dos

The weather is very hit-and-miss now. But when it's sunny, we dive straight into the freezer for more pops from Paletas, this time Paletas de Pay de Limón (Lime Pie Ice Pops):

These are super lime-y with 3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice and 2 teaspoons lime zest. They should be rolled in crushed graham crackers (American) or Maria cookies (Mexican), but with neither available in Teddington, we're having ours nude.

Very nice, but my favorites are still the Avocado Pops, which I reckon might just be unbeatable. Will keep trying though!

07 July 2011

jolly hockey socks, take five

While we were in Norfolk, I finished two new pairs of sKNITches socks, this time in Denim Fade, a variegated colorway custom-dyed for me in stripes,

and Breathmint,

which I'm hoping will keep my feet smelling minty fresh! Though in this heat, woolen socks probably aren't so conducive to sweet-smelling feet...

01 July 2011


Super sweltering weather last weekend provided the perfect opportunity for making more ice pops, this time Paletas de Aguacate (Avocado Ice Pops),

the creamiest, dreamiest ice pops yet! Ripe avocados are blended with sugar syrup, salt, and lime juice for a burst of Mexican flavor. The recipe is in Paletas, written by Fany Gerson,

author of the amazing My Sweet Mexico (for which she spent an entire year traveling through her native country researching and gathering recipes) and owner of La Newyorkina, a Mexican frozen treats and sweets business in New York City.

According to the recipe introduction, when Fany decided to make avocado paletas for the launch of La Newyorkina, she wasn't sure how they'd be received. But they quickly became a customer favorite, and now I can see (and taste) why. Chido!