29 May 2008

new persephone bookshop

On Saturday, G and I visited the new Persephone Bookshop in Kensington Church Street. The new shop carries a small but very well-chosen range of literary fiction, history, biography, gardening, cookery, and children's books. While I loved the new shop--very chic and tasteful--G rather missed visiting some of the other little shops along Lamb's Conduit Street (site of the original shop).

Last night, I finished Persephone book no. 67, The Fortnight in September by R.C. Sherriff, a lovely evocation of a 1930s working class family's annual seaside holiday, which I'd definitely recommend. I did have one little quibble with the text, though. The couple that looks after the Stevens' house while they're away takes the runner beans and rhubarb from the Stevens' garden in return. While runner beans can be harvested in September, rhubarb (as far as I know) can only really be harvested until midsummer. Perhaps this is a sign I'm spending too much time on the allotment!


  1. That grey frontage is so distictive isn't it. I'm just finishing 'Someone at a Distance' - I'm at that funny stage when you begin reading slowly because you don't want the book to finish.

  2. Don't you just love those white geraniums - it makes me want to rush out and throw away my window box of candy pink flowers because they look slightly vulgar.

  3. Hello Kristina, I've just discovered your blog via another one, nice to "meet" you. I'm keen to read some of the Persephone books, and have recently finished The Saplings by Noel Streatfield which I would recommend. Fortnight in September is on my wish list, it sounds a delightful book. I think if I have a trip to London I might avoid the Persephone shop as I may need to buy every title!
    I hope we hear more about your allotment adventures as some frineds and I are keen to start one. The waiting list for allotments in my town has 70 people on it and the receptionist at the Town Hall almost snorted when we enquired about allotments! But we've struck lucky this week, I work in a school which still has the remains of a walled garden and the Head groundsman has offered us a huge area to use...we're so excited I can't tell you! We know there's some back-breaking work ahead but the thought of growing our own maybe from next year is a great incentive. I'll pop back very soon.

  4. I LOVE Persephone Books! When I was doing my MA in publishing the founder came to talk to us and I was fascinated by the whole concept, not to mention the beautiful inside covers. I'm reading their edition of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day right now.

    I love your blog - you've got a really lovely aesthetic. And re: your comment on my blog about Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache, you should dive in! It's not *quite* as weird as it initially seems...