01 June 2008

a weakness for wellies

I love wellies. I'd never owned a pair--indeed had never even heard of wellies--before moving to England. But now I own a pair of light blue Hunters, and they make me so happy. Perhaps it's because I feel just a little bit more British when I'm wearing my wellies.

Pictured above is my current wellie obsession. I fell in love with these Ilse Jacobsen wellies the very first time I saw them at Petersham, which was over a year ago. Although they aren't actually British (Danish) and wouldn't be practical for the allotment (just imagine all the mud that would collect in those laces), they would be absolutely amazing around town. Like so many of the best shoes: impractical but very cute.


  1. I love wearing my chocolate brown Hunters with a skirt - I feel like Marianne from Sense and Sensibility for some reason... I think it's the blowing in the wind thing...

  2. Wellies - I love them too. And mine are on their last legs so I need new ones (shame!). Will have to keep an eye out for those ritzy laced numbers (although you're right, they would be thoroughly impractical).

  3. MissM always had two pairs of wellies when she was growing up. One pair was green and practical for 'wellie work' and the other pair was pink and sparkly for 'wellie smart'. I commend this system to you.

  4. great wellies! not good for digging, but then maybe that's a good thing - you'd have to sit and watch, and gentily pick flowers....
    thanks for visiting my blog, I definitly think you should grow some poppies, I'll save you some seeds if you like. x

  5. oh yes. Wellies are great, I have a pair of very pink flowery ones that totally embarrass my boys when I wear them...

    but that is a mother's job, right?