16 June 2008

sarah raven's garden, part two

This morning Sue and I walked along the river to Hampton Court Palace for coffee at the Tiltyard Cafe. But I didn't take any pictures! So here are a few more pictures from our Sarah Raven visit, as you can never have too many splendid flowers:

We were also very impressed by the gooseberries in the fruit area. They had been trained as standards--essentially gooseberry topiaries. Such a brilliant idea. I wonder why we never thought of it before, as weeding and picking our low bushes is often painful in the extreme.

And finally, as Sarah Raven is probably best known for her flower arrangements, here's a lovely one spotted on an outdoor table.

There would have been more pictures, but my camera ran out of battery power just at this moment--right before I discovered the chicken house!


  1. What beautiful poppies - I wish they would grow in my garden too.

  2. Hmmmm...my garden seems to be way behind in the flowering department. Beautiful photos, there can never be too many of flowers, in my opinion!
    T x

  3. I would like to be Sarah Raven - she doesn't have a bad life! Her garden looks amazing - I'd love to go on one of her courses, but it is quite a trek from here. Glad you had a lovely day.
    Cathy X
    PS Take the plunge with the jam - I did and haven't looked back. It is the only way I can use up all our rhubarb!

  4. Just dropping by from Domesticali, your photos are just lovely and going back a while I love those wellies too
    Lisa x

  5. Love those poppies! Such intense colours.

  6. I just know Sarah Raven harbours no guilt about lopping off armfuls of flowers from her garden. I have much to learn.