27 June 2008

picnic time

One of my goals this summer is to organize a weekly picnic on the allotment. So I've been trying new picnic recipes, and the latest is mini pea frittatas.

Although tasty, they were the dickens to remove from the tin! I'm hoping paper baking cups will make it easier, although perhaps they'll just stick to the paper cups...

I've also purchased this book for more recipes and inspiration:

I would be very grateful for any favorite picnic recipes you might like to share (hint, hint Dragonfly and Mrs M!).

I promise they'll be put to use straight away--or as soon as the sun reappears.


  1. oh they look yummy!
    I like to make little pastryless tarts for picnics; line a muffin tin with a slice of ham, crack in an egg, pour in a couple of teaspoons single cream, sprinkle with greated parmesan and season, make in moderate oven till egg is set.

  2. oops that should say bake, not make - sorry.
    now must remember to come back and read everyone elses suggestions!

  3. Crusty homemade bread and iced cucumber and mint soup from a chilled thermos....fabulous to cool down with, especially if you've been working hard digging and weeding...

  4. That recipe looks really nice and so does your homemade pizza, so much more appetizing than a supermarket frozen one - can I come to your house for tea?! - Natalie x

  5. I have a macaroni salad recipe on my "Traveling on Fumes" blog. My family likes it and it can be tinkered with if you don't like it spicy. I am taking it to our Karoke, fourth of July party this Friday.
    Along with my famous caramel cake with chocolate frosting. I don't tell them it came from a mix. A girl needs some secrets..LOL

  6. I know we all were less than thrilled with silicojn bakeware the other week, but I have to say that when I've made similar treats for tiny person lunchboxes, the silicon came into its own ...

    Or just make a big one in a pretty dish and take the whole thing as is and pretend it's meant to be like that!

  7. Hint taken! Next time I make a quiche, I will have my camera at hand to snap each stage and post the recipe. Bear with me...

  8. A recipe from me - you must be mad! You know how catastrophically terrible they are.

  9. Wow, they look fab! am liking the picnic at the allotment tradition, I may have to branch out from my flask of tea and try and catch up!especially as we have peas galore growing...have been stroking that book in waitrose for a couple of weeks now but have resisted so far-will it change my life?!
    Love Driftwoods tart idea, I must say!