15 June 2008

sarah raven's garden

Today G very kindly drove us all the way to East Sussex for an open day at Sarah Raven's Garden. We were a bit uncertain about the weather at first. But except for a few dark clouds, it remained warm and bright, and the scenery on the drive was beautiful.

In the garden, the flowers were gorgeous, as always.

And we had a good look in the fruit and vegetable areas, with an eye to new ideas for the allotment.

There were also stalls selling plants and food from local producers. On the right is G's blackberry ice cream from Downsview Farmhouse--very yummy! And we purchased some amazing bread from Judge's Bakery.

At the end of the day, laden with our bread and a tray of green flowers and red celery to plant out at home, I found I really didn't want to go. I even considered moving into this caravan parked in the garden. Very Cath Kidston--no?

Finally, just a quick note to thank Ali so much for mentioning Jolly Hockey Sticks on Domesticali!


  1. Sarah Raven's garden is always a treat...and funnily enough I was in Judges Bakery last week and have just blogged about Hastings!! Small world...

  2. I've often been tempted to visit Sarah Raven's garden or do one of her gardening courses, but never quite found the time. It looks wonderful.

  3. I love her books, and drool over the seed catalogue, and would definitly consider camping out in that caravan - although if I'm going to live in a caravan I might have to paint it pink.

  4. Oh you're lucky! My workmates gave me Sarah Raven's cookery book as a leaving present and it is currently my most used book - in fact I'm off to make some soup for lunch with a friend right now!

  5. The pleasure was all mine! I'm another Sarah Raven fan - my sister in law went on one of her vegetable gardening courses and kindly bequeathed me the notes. Fab stuff (as is her cookbook).

  6. I think that you should persuade G that he NEEDS a caravan on the allotment and then you could live your Cath Kidston dream!