18 June 2008

meme, part one

A few weeks ago, Dragonfly tagged me with a meme. The first question: what were you doing 10 years ago?

In June 1998, I'd just finished my BA in art and literature. But rather than attend graduation in Boston, I traveled to Salzburg and Vienna with Professor Gregory Slowik and 11 other girls to study the life and work of Mozart.

It was one the best months of my life: amazing music, art, and architecture...breathtaking scenery...great friends...and fabulous coffee! I'd love to go back someday.


  1. Sounds beautiful! I am incredibly envious of your Sarah Raven garden trip below, it looks and sounds amazing. That will have to go on 'things to do' list!

  2. It's unfortunate that you had to miss your graduation ceremony - but I think you chose wisely. A month in Salzburg and Vienna...how lovely.

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog to keep up with events in your life. And it's just so beautiful and inspiring! Maybe someday I'll also take the plunge...

  3. What an amazing opportunity!

    I would have ditched graduation, a boyfriend, just about anything to be able to experience that.

    What a beautiful building, too.
    It's a dream of mine to travel & live in Europe. :)

  4. oh Kristina, you studied in Boston? that is my favourite city in the whole world... I left my heart in boston. But that is a story for another day!!