12 June 2008

'roobarb' crumble

In addition to our asparagus, we've also had an ample crop of rhubarb this season (which we refer to as 'roobarb'--with extra 'oo'--after one of G's favorite childhood television characters).

G requested rhubarb crumble on Sunday, which I made from a fantastically easy recipe gleaned from the Waitrose website. I also made the rhubarb and apple upside-down cake from The Produce Bible on Tuesday, but that was whisked away to G's office before I could arrange a photo shoot!

I think our only hope of really dealing with all our rhubarb, though, is preserving it. I have multitudinous recipes for rhubarb and ginger jam. But despite a day course last year, jam making still scares the bejesus out of me...


  1. You really should make G some custard, I am very confident he would really enjoy it to accompany the crumble. I also like Roobarb and Custard , don't you?

  2. there's a rhubarb cake recipe on my blog, which has been very popular if you need more rhubarb help. I wonder if you can make rhubarb wine...

  3. It's wrong to be so envious of another person's china, I'm sure of it.

    And try the jam - it's less scary than you think (I'm a novice too). What's the worst that could happen? And if it turns out yummy, you'll have half your Christmas Presents sorted out!

  4. Rhubarb compote - very scrumptious with yoghurt for breakfast.

    Not entirely convinced about rhubarb wine - life is too short and there are so many bottles of wonderful wine to drink first.

  5. I wish I liked rhubarb, I really do. Your crumble looks gorgeous, and there are so many fab rhubarb recipes around. But I just can't eat it! Even with tons of sugar it has an edge to it!

  6. Found you through Ali.

    Lovely photos. my mother uses rhubarb. I really like it, but for some reason I've never tried cooking with it myself. Just one of those inexplicable things.

  7. Just to say, I LOVE rhubarb! I usually just stew it and eat it with yoghurt, porridge, custard...

  8. how many lovely plates and bowls can one person own???
    lucky you :)
    love rhubarb - i will eat it any way but best in a crumble - yum.
    t x

  9. Ny husbands mom grows rubarb and my husband loves it...I have found that it always takes about a cup more sugar than you'd think...

    when my oldest son was a young lad he used to sit and eat it like celery.....(lol) yup it was funny!


    ps welcome to blog land :o)

  10. Sent by Ali...well done for no longer being 'blogless Kristina'!!! Love your china, is it Bridgewater? Get making some jam, it's not so hard, and so worth the effort. Yum!

  11. you've got the best selection of plates and bowls EVER.

    I'm making rhubarb fool tonight. Or maybe rhubarb crumble... it's freezing here!