16 September 2009

something old...

We couldn't be so near Holt without dropping by Old Town. When we last visited, they'd sold out of Canvey Caps. But this time we were lucky: they had one left in stock, and it fitted perfectly!

I'm just a bit worried by the fact it's a large. Does this mean I have a big head?

While pondering this question (uh-oh), click here for a fabulous behind-the-scenes look at Old Town.

Nick Hand, the filmmaker, is currently cycling round the coast of Britain, raising money for the Parkinson's Disease Society. And along the way, he's been making a series of soundslide films, documenting the artisans living and working on his route.

Please visit his website to learn more about Nick's amazing journey and to see more of his brilliant soundslides, including one about Made in Cley!


  1. Bet you look great in your cap! Thanks for the links...off to check them out.

  2. Your cap will be wonderful this autumn! And surely large heads mean large brains so I think you should be happy :-)

  3. I have got some braces you can wear with your cap. With your new ensemble, you will be ready to "go down pit".

  4. Fabulous cap (nothing wrong with a big head... except in my case I can never find a hat to fit)

  5. Nice cap! A bit spendy (based on the website price), but bet it will last forever!

    I wore a soft wool cap like that one for years and years...could put my long hair up into it, or pull down earflaps on a windy day...wonder whatever happened to that cap???

    Enjoy yours :)

  6. A confession: my hat size is extra large.

    Feel better?

  7. I am thinking that cap could be the new thing for Allotment Chic.

  8. LOVE the hat Kristina, you're going to look tres chic! The photography is beautiful on those shots of the shop. D x

  9. I have a large head....
    Old Town is somewhere I want to visit....I have it in my bookmarks and can often be found lurking on their website.
    Your cap looks very useful....I think I want one now.....