18 September 2009

something blue

If we count the house as 'something borrowed', we can skip right ahead to 'something blue':

While the Wiveton Farm Cafe is just a few steps down the road from Cley, we approached it via the marshes. More round-about perhaps, but I reckon the brisk walk made our coffee and cakes extra tasty!

Even in September, the Farm was doing a brisk pick-your-own trade. Here are the punnets ready for filling:

There were also ready-picked punnets available from the shop...

and with raspberries this gorgeous, who could resist?


  1. You have such a good eye for charm and beauty!

  2. who indeed could resist?
    (although it does make me jealous of people who can get to pick-your-owns!)

  3. Well I certainly couldn't resist - I adore raspberries and make a complete pig of myself at this time of year!

  4. Ooo - how fabulous. Assuming there are any left, what are you going to make them?

  5. I think that you and Jane Brockett should just write a book about Norfolk! I want to go. Now.