02 September 2009

crayola crazy

I was never keen on going back to school, but I was always very keen on buying new school supplies!

I could spend days selecting the perfect Trapper Keeper and lunch box, not to mention all the other bits and pieces. And those other bits and pieces invariably included a box of Crayola crayons:

While I could have used my crayons from the previous year, the perfectionist in me demanded a pristine, freshly sharpened set in a crisp yellow box.

Looking back now, I wonder what happened to all those old, half-used crayons. If only I'd known about homemade crazy crayons,

because, just like a good puzzle, I could never resist a good craft.


  1. The trouble with the crazy crayons is that they're more fun to make than to use ;-) The heat of our oven did something odd to ours, but they were very pretty.

  2. Lovely puzzle for a back-to-school time of year. Do you think that Crayola should know about Persephone grey?

  3. Ooh, very very lovely. Jewel-like AND you can draw with them.

  4. My crazy crayons are NEVER as pretty as that stained glass-like one at the top of the last photo.

    (I know someone here who would love the colors in that puzzle! And just reading the word "Trapper Keeper" made me smile nostalgically...)

  5. What's a Trapper Keeper? I always loved new school supplies...

    Where do you buy your Springbok puzzles? Do you bring them over from the states?

  6. I think it's the smell of the new crayons as much as anything else.

    And I just bought a new fishy shaped mould for my next batch of crayons - the boys deem them too babyish now, but at least we can use them in the shop.

  7. I love the crazy crayons! I can't resist new art supplies either... new boxes of crayons, pencils or paints... and as for new sketchbooks, I probably have more than I will ever fill!