14 September 2009

cley-(nearly)-next-the-sea, part two

We were back in Cley-next-the-Sea last week, staying in Manor Coach House, just a few steps from the famous windmill:

The house was just as perfect as we'd remembered,

filled with light and decorated in the most soothing shades of white and pale gray:

the perfect place to relax after a bracing walk by the sea.

Luckily it wasn't gray on the beach. Here's the beach at Cley, which despite the 'next-the-Sea' moniker, is actually a mile from town:

Even more spectacular was the walk from Holkham to Wells-next-the-Sea:

Stumbling up and over the grassy dunes,

we came upon the most amazing beach, with a seemingly endless expanse of sand and surf:

At Wells, we spied some fabby beach huts,

before turning inland to make our way back through the pines, which were planted as a wind and sand break for the fields behind. After the blowiness of the beach, the calm was very welcome. And equally welcome was the cart selling homemade Holkham Ice Cream!

We also walked through Sheringham Park, designed by Humphry Repton in 1812 and now part of the National Trust, where we were greeted by a herd of cows,

before the fields gave way to cliffs and more views over the sea:

Sun and surf, sand and shingle: the British seaside holiday has it all...

and cows to boot!


  1. Nothing like a sandy beach and the sound of waves to imbue a sense of calm whilst on holiday. Norfolk is a very relaxing destination :)

  2. What a lovely weekend retreat! Grey and white - soothing to the soul. Great photos too. (I can't find how to put a smart border round mine.)

  3. sounds wonderful!!

    I must get to know that part of the country...

  4. Sounds bliss Kristina - and if your weather was anything like ours, the perfect sunshine to enjoy it in.

  5. What a lovely holiday!

  6. What a delightful place to stay and relax.

  7. You stay in the best places...and always pick properties with gorgeous decor!

  8. Love the beach huts! It would be so nice to run with Deacon on such a gorgeous beach. Great photos Kristina! D x

  9. Do they ship those beach huts overseas? I could put one in my garden and have a get-me-away-from-all-the-testosterone lady retreat!

    Love that cow, and that beach, and that soothing room. Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  10. Your photos are really stunning. You have a wonderful eye for a great shot. Looks like a lovely week too. x

  11. A real favourite place for us. Beautiful big skies. I saw a beach hut at Wells for sale in Country Life yesterday - £60,000 ... a snip!

  12. I want to stay there! Right now. Hope you had a wonderful break.