05 September 2009

figs and grapes

Where did we go for coffee and (birthday) cake this morning? Just one clue...

And happily, Petersham had my favorite fig and almond cake. So moist and moreish, the only thing missing was the candle!

While it was warm in the sunshine, the gardens and greenhouses looked positively autumnal, with grapes in abundance:

There were still plenty of flowers,

but the blooms were mainly in russety reds and oranges:

Even the shop displays were being re-worked to reflect the changing colors outside:

Fall has arrived...at least for me, and it seems for Petersham, too.


  1. Happy Birthday Kristina! Looks like you found a good way to celebrate.

    Hoping this year brings you many many good things.

  2. Happy, happy birthday!! Would that I had known -- but it's on my calendar now (she said with a little smirk)...

  3. That naughty Lynn - she and I were sending a comment at the same time and blogger refused to accept mine!

    So, what I tried to say was:

    Happy birthday - here's to a very happy year ahead!

  4. Happy Birthday Kristina. Wishing you happy times, adventures and lots of cake over the next year.

  5. More Happy Birthday Wishes Kristina! Such gorgeous autumnal images, simply adore the boots! D x

  6. Happy birthday!!! What a marvellous way to celebrate - I was eyeing those boots at Perch Hill on Friday. If only they came in a 9!! x

  7. Happy birthday Kristina!