17 September 2009

something new...

We've just discovered another super reason to visit Holt (not that we've ever been short of reasons):

Mrs Jones opened a few months ago round the corner from Old Town. The ground floor is stocked with home goods, from the whimsical and colorful (think Anne-Claire Petit) to more minimalist pieces:

And the upper floor is filled with fabulous French fashion. Ever since my first visit to Comptoir des Cotonniers, I've been passionate about French clothes: such sophisticated colors, interesting cuts, and always a perfect fit.

So feeling very chuffed with my new Vanessa Bruno blazer. Chic yet works with jeans: très bien!


  1. Lovely things! That blazer is gorgeous!

  2. Oui, tres chic! (haven't worked out how to get this keyboard to do accents!)

  3. Wow look forward to seeing you in it. Too nice for the allotment! X

  4. You really must buy a ticket to Paris! D x

  5. Oh it looks good, very good, I definitely need to go back to Holt. The blazer is fabulous.