11 July 2009

one down

Until now, I've been passionately devoted to The New York Times crossword. It's been a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

When David Sedaris noted he was spending a fortune on the International Herald-Tribune (the global edition of The New York Times) just to get his daily crossword fix in Paris, I completely understood.

But while I was home in America, a new series of crossword books from The New York Sun caught my eye. And I think it's easy to see why:

These aren't foodie puzzles--just ordinary crosswords--but I'm actually (and I know this is sacrilege) enjoying them even more than their NYT counterparts.

They progress in the same way through the week: from super easy Mondays to virtually impossible Fridays. I stick with Tuesday through Thursday...

but maybe someday I'll reach the Holy Grail of Friday...

particularly if a chocolate bread pudding comes as part of the deal!


  1. They have 'you' written all over them! A perfect find and beautiful covers as well. D x

  2. Ooh! I have to track those down!

  3. The covers are wonderful. I'm rubbish at crosswords but good at puddings ;-)

  4. I'm not really much good at crosswords, but could be tempted to try when the books have such wonderful covers!

  5. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm a bit rubbish at crosswords but used to like doing the massive one in the Saturday Times (easy clues!)

  6. I'm sorry, but I just want to eat those covers.

    I need to start doing crosswords as part of my program to stave off dementia. Perhaps I should begin with the Monday series so I can feel good about myself... >;-D

  7. I do the NYT crosswords too! But we only get the weekend times, so I have to muscle through the hard one. I try to get as far as I can, then look up the answers online. Each weekend I get a little bit further and have even finished a couple of times!