27 July 2009

daylesford day, part two

Last Wednesday, we drove out to Gloucestershire for our second organic gardening class at Daylesford Organic's Farm School. There was a bit of damp and drizzle, but I was prepared this time with multiple layers and my wellies!

As before, the class was held in the rustic-chic Cotswold Stone kitchen that had been part of Daylesford's Summer Solstice Garden at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show:

After a fab advice-filled session round the table, we headed out into the fields,

and then into the polytunnels,

where Jez assembled trays of seedlings for us to take home and plant out in our own allotments/gardens:

The heady scent in the herb polytunnel--the last tunnel on our visit--put us in the mood for lunch, which was once again fresh, simple, just perfect. 

We had a very quick buzz round the Farmshop and picked up a few goodies...

before heading home to plant out our seedlings, which do seem to be thriving in all this rain!


  1. Ah, thanks for the reminder - I'm making my list of holiday places to visit, and I had forgotten Daylesford ...

  2. And such beautiful photographs too.

  3. I agree with Rachel, gorgeous photos! Daylesford looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  4. What a wonderful-looking outing! I think I'd enjoy the nature walk, too...

  5. You are absolutely right about the rain. I'm enjoying the unexpectedness of it and more than happy to pay the price for allotment abundance.

    Thanks for courgette recipes!

  6. The know how to farm great organic veg at Daylesford!