13 July 2009

more pottering in petersham

The sun finally returned on Sunday, making it a perfect day for pottering in Petersham. G and I walked along the river to the Nurseries, so we were quite peckish by the time we arrived:

Revived by lunch and a slice of super-moist, super-lemony cake, we had a wander through the outdoor displays...

and into the greenhouses, where we saw a real agapanthus just like the silk one in Betty Beetle's bud vase,

hydrangeas in my favorite hydrangea color,

fantastically fuzzy peaches,

and, of course, those fabulous Petersham displays that can make even the oldest shutters...

and most prosaic buckets...

seem oh-so-very desirable!


  1. OOoh, but just think how useful one of those buckets could be!

  2. Tigerlilly, Dandelion, Catmint and Agapanthus are my favourite feline flowers!

  3. Love the mottled poppy, and the peach is almost comically fuzzy!

    And I NEED one of those prosaic buckets - that's the perfect dreamy-sky shade of blue!

  4. What beautiful flowers! I think that a trip to Petersham will be in order during my next trip.

  5. I am glad to see that you didn't have the poppy seed cake because that has MY name on it!

  6. Ah, Petersham. The very word says it all really!
    D x
    Ps loads of agapanthus in Cornwall!

  7. I love blue hydrangeas best of all, too. Lovely pics.