20 July 2009

beside the seaside, part two

I usually book our annual seaside holiday for September. Booking off-season seems the sensible thing to do: more reasonable prices, fewer crowds, and often (fingers crossed) lovely weather.

But then in July and August, when it seems everyone else has gone away, I start to feel rather restless. So this year I'm assembling my new Springbok Seashells puzzle...

for a virtual in-season vacation!


  1. We do September too...except this year it is the very end of August. It does feel like a long time to wait though...still more time to plan holiday reading!

  2. Lovely puzzle! And I'll begin crossing my fingers for glorious September weather right now!

  3. Oh, that looks like a challenging puzzle...but you can almost hear the seagulls! D x

  4. I think the last puzzle I did had 15 piece, 1500 makes my brain hurt just thinking about it... but it is truly summery!