02 July 2009

daylesford day

Last Friday, we drove to Gloucestershire for a gardening course at Daylesford Organic's new Farm School.

The Daylesford Foundation has just launched a series of courses in cooperation with the Soil Association, covering everything from organic gardening to beekeeping to setting up and managing a full-on smallholding.

The Daylesford Farmshop and Cafe were just as beautiful as you'd expect:

But it wasn't all aesthetics: the course was fantastic. As there were only three of us that day, market gardener Jez Taylor (on the right, with G) tailored the course to our personal requirements. We told him about our allotment, and he provided us with detailed, practical advice and strategies. And his enthusiasm was simply contagious!

The day was cold and wet: an unwelcome break in the heat wave. But we still managed a complete tour of the extensive fields and polytunnels...

where we ran into one of the Daylesford chefs. And indeed, our lunch in the Cafe afterwards was lovely. The offerings were simple, yet so flavorful and beautifully presented, just like everything in the Farmshop:

Jez gave us a tray of salad seedlings and a few cuttings to take home, which we planted in the gaps on our plot. Now looking forward to the July gardening course, and keeping our fingers crossed for sun!


  1. I must tell my sister - she lives reasonably close by!

  2. Sounds wonderful - and how lucky that there were so few of you and your plot got one to one attention!

    I am also drawn to that basket of wet garlic - bought some this week and have been enjoying it greatly.

  3. What a mouth-watering post!

  4. Such a lovely setting, it looks so peaceful. Great photos, great day out! D x

  5. Daylesford is a delight, very stylish! Lucky you (two!) to have so much attention and guidance. Hope you reap the rewards!
    D x

  6. that sounds great!

    you should give us a tour of your allotment, I bet it's fantastic..

  7. What a fantastic day! It looks amazing. I need a massive dose of enthusiasm to get back into my veg growing...cant' seem to stop crocheting though!

  8. That bike! And its basket!!

    Here's wishing you better weather for part two!

  9. I wonder when Jez will get his own TV show....