31 August 2008

walk to walker

On Friday morning, Jaye and I took the train into London, then walked along the Thames to the Design Museum to see Tim Walker Pictures.

Not being an avid reader of fashion magazines, I wasn't familiar with Walker's photographs. But his work is so much more than the ordinary series of glossy spreads. I was utterly and completely entranced. The images had the most fabulous Alice in Wonderland quality:

Tim Walker, Lily Cole and Spiral Staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, 2005,
British Vogue

And they invariably captured a very English sensibility:

Tim Walker, Otis Ferry and His Foxhounds, Shropshire, England, 2007, Vanity Fair

The photographs were complemented by numerous pages from Walker's scrapbooks as well as a few rather amazing props from the shoots.

Tim Walker Pictures is most definitely worth making a trip into London for. Now I just need to save up my pennies (lots and lots of them) for the limited-edition exhibition catalogue!


  1. n some of his photographs (sadly not in real life) and they are wonderful. Sounds like a good day.

  2. I haven't heard of that exhibition, so thank you for sharing the photos, I'd love to go and see them now

  3. Those photographs are stunning! And the catalog looks fantastic, too. Sounds like a lovely day all around.