22 August 2008


The weather has finally brightened up a bit, which is good for the tomatoes. And here's an assortment of other veggies from yesterday's harvest:

The only veggies missing from the picture above (other than the tomatoes) are the cucumbers, the seeds for which came all the way from America (thank you, Cece!). There must be hundreds of cucumbers. They're even more prolific than the courgettes (zucchini).

In my search for cucumber recipes, I actually found one for cucumber ice cream. But I think I must draw the allotment ice cream making line here!


  1. I love cucumber in gin and tonic - do you think you could do a cucumber/gin sorbet ... don't ask me how, I leave that to your inspired imagination!

  2. Those veg look wonderful. I thought I was the only one left with green tomatoes, will the sun ever shine enough for them to turn red I wonder! Enjoy your produce

  3. I have been looking forward to coming back from holiday and catching up with your adventures - and you never disappoint :-) Your veg look wonderful - and could I put in an order for a small cone of your raspberry ice cream? Mmmmm. Note to self - must order raspberry canes.