21 August 2008

i say to-may-to...*

I still can't abide tomato sauce on my pizza. But Rachel has converted me to the glories of oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, and as we now have loads on the plot, this seems a fab way to use them:

After just a short time in the roasting tin, they're so super-sweet and tasty!

And we have new 'pizza night' plates! I dithered over them for ages in the Emma Bridgewater sale last month. I'm so happy I finally gave in.

* I do say to-MAY-to, and everyone--and I mean everyone--immediately corrects me with a very firm to-MAH-to!


  1. Definitely toMAHto....but then if you're a yank it's another story!! (or should I say pronunciation). Love your new plates, too.

  2. Good grief - why did you dither for a moment. If I had been there I would have snatched them from under your nose. I am afraid I have no morals when there is bargain china around.

  3. The cherry tomato pizza is a great idea. My daughter Willa can't stand tomato sauce on pizza either, so I'll try it out on her. You might have just saved pizza night at our house!

  4. You can also do slices of toMAHto in the oven on a low heat to make them super sweet. Love the plates!

  5. Once again, a certain dog with a nose for supersweet cherry toMAHtoes has pilfered straight from my plants...
    I may just have enough to top a pizza - they look delicious!

  6. Now this looks like food for the gods.. and on heavenly plates too!

    Michele x