25 August 2008

a natter

This was the scene Saturday morning as we set off for Ali's house: Betty Beetle with a basket of goodies and a book to be signed...

We had the most wonderful lunch with Ali and Andy, Mark and Johnny, Alice, Monica, and the lovely Karen, who I'm sure will have a blog of her own very soon.

G had a fab time playing football with Mark and Johnny, but all the girl talk around the picnic table put him to sleep--literally!

We had so much fun chatting away. And the food was delicious. Just look at Ali's gorgeous cupcakes:

What could possibly make such a splendid day even more splendid? A visit with Jane Brocket, of course...


  1. it was a lovely day indeed!

  2. It does sound like a perfect day - and you even managed good weather!

  3. Great day, great food, great lavender packages!

  4. I'm jealous, just plain jealous!

  5. We saw a green beetle in the village today and Johnny was jumping up and down with excitement squealing "The bloggers are back!".

    I'd call that making an impression!

    And I must get my mitts on some lilac food paste for a certain batch of cupcakes...

  6. Oh dear - Kristina, you are determined to get your own back after all the teasing that we put you through when you were 'Blogless' - watch out Karen!