06 August 2008

factory girl, part two

Just a few more pictures from my Emma Bridgewater factory visit last week...

In one of the courtyards:

Injecting the slip into the molds:

Clay for recycling:

Painting 'Starry Skies':

I was secretly hoping to come upon some 'Cambridge Blue' (my favorite pattern, now sadly discontinued) in a dusty back corner, but no such luck. The factory was far too tidy in this regard!


  1. I really like the clay for recycling: it looks shiny like plastic and malleable like dough or hot metal. It reminds me of my playdough days :)

  2. Hi, does your Cambridge Blue have Bridgewater Ulster Ceramics stamped on the bottom? I am baffled by this, also a recipe for fish pie on the bottom of my Cambridge Blue roaster. Thanks, Nicola

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  4. Dear Nicola, My Cambridge Blue pieces all have the backstamp 'Bridgewater/Made in England/Toast & Marmalade' (some with 'AD 2000' under the bridge). The 'Ulster Ceramics' seems odd. I do think the roasters had recipes, but unfortunately I don't have one in my (rather small) collection. K x