29 August 2008

pottering in petersham

G very kindly took a holiday from work yesterday to help me run errands. One of the tasks on my list was to return my contest entry form to Petersham Nurseries. I haven't actually won a contest since elementary school, but I keep trying...

The hydrangeas were spectacular:

G was particularly fond of this arrangement in the restaurant:

It was unusually quiet, so we managed to get a table for lunch without a booking. A very nice break after a busy morning.

While I've eaten in the teahouse many times, this is only the second time I've eaten in the restaurant. The table arrangements were lovely. I particularly liked the pots of purple peppers (a great tongue-twister):

But then again, the arrangements at Petersham are always amazing:

As is the food. I had salt cod brandade, which was delicious. The first time I ate in the restaurant, I had wild salmon carpaccio with olive oil, lemon, and pea shoots. So although the menu changes daily, I do feel I can wholeheartedly recommend the fish.

And I'm pretty sure this little guy, whom G found napping in one of the greenhouses, would also enjoy the fish:


  1. It's always so perfect at Petersham... I have a visit lined up for the end of September. Can't wait!

  2. I keep wanting to visit there - must make time one of these days!

  3. I've never been either. Perhaps we need an excursion...

  4. Beautiful photography! I love full-blown flowers at the end of summer.

  5. I will have to put this one on my ever growing 'Must see' list...
    I love informal flower arrangements.. wild flowers and cottage garden flowers in a jam jar are the best... beautiful photos!
    That rather gorgeous tabby cat is just as photogenic!

    Michele x