12 November 2008

more bliss

How did I miss this? Debbie Bliss launched her very own magazine on my birthday:

I only just discovered it by chance in John Lewis today, and it's truly bliss-ful

The lead article features a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, tee, beret, and knee-high socks all in pale gray. Perfect for me, as this pretty much sums up my entire wardrobe! And I think my mum would love the collared sleeveless top in Rialto. Is it too late to start a Christmas project?

I thought I was finally building up an immunity to new pattern books and yarns. Sigh...


  1. My heart rate has just increased at the discovery of a Debbie Bliss magazine. Another reason to stop into a bookshop this weekend. Well done Kristina!

  2. When was your Birthday Kristina...?
    Happy belated if I have missed it.... I hope it was truly blissful!

    Michele x

  3. Beautiful grey, it's one of my favourite colours and a staple of my wardrobe too! Love the throw you knitted, it's gorgeous. Happy belated birthday

  4. How fabulous! must look for that!