24 November 2008


Inspired by a day of Scandinavian baking at Divertimenti last week (more details to follow) and the chilly weather, I whipped up a batch of cardamom buns yesterday afternoon:

Cardamom is a key ingredient in Scandinavian baking. In Sweden, it's more widely used than cinnamon. I absolutely adore the flavor. Rachel G. on the other hand studiously avoids it, having never recovered from eating an entire pod as a child!

While certainly Scandinavian in influence, this cardamom recipe was gleaned from one of my Rachel Allen cookbooks:

Slightly denser than the cardamom cake I usually make, these buns are perfect with a cup of really strong, dark coffee on a frosty morning (or afternoon). So fragrant and warming--mmm...


  1. I've had a bad -whole pod of cardamon- experience I haven't recovered from....

    are you sure they're safe?

    Those buns DO look great though!

  2. Those do sound yummy. Cardamom in coffee is grgeous so I can believe the buns would go well with a brew too!

  3. They look so yummy that I suddenly have the urge to plug in the kettle and scrounge around inside the pantry.

  4. I'm obsessed with having a Swedish Christmas this year--despite the fact that I'm not Swedish at all--and I'm sure cardamom will play a large role in all of my baking.