06 November 2008

a bird in the hand

This little cock sparrow came home with us from St. Jude's Gallery in September:

Last week he could be found perched on Caroline's ladder. But now the hall has been painted, he's settled on a chest-of-drawers to greet visitors coming through the front door. 

He was handmade by Emily Sutton, an artist originally from North Yorkshire, who recently completed her studies at Edinburgh College of Art. Her soft sculptures--whether of birds or people--are all so beautifully detailed, and each has its own unique personality. 

Now we really must think of a name for him.


  1. I'd call hijm Septimus, and I have no idea why. Makes a change from Fred though.

  2. He's lovely....I remember seeing an article recently in World of Interiors about these little birds. I like dottycookie's name suggestion.
    D x

  3. How funny - these were featured on blackbird and Vanessa's blogs. They are obviously the perfect blogbirds.

  4. I agree with pebbledash, he's lovely!

  5. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!Call him Jack Sparrow!

  6. I am an avid admirer of St Jude's and get the regular newsletters.. only to drool over Angie Lewin's beautiful prints and of course these delightful birds..

    Michele x