25 November 2008

buns in the oven

Last week I attended my second class with Trina Hahnemann at Divertimenti. This time the focus was on Scandinavian baking, using recipes from Trina's book:

The class was entirely hands-on, which was difficult for me, as I've never been able to bake (or draw or knit or sew) in a classroom situation. But my baking partner Kim very kindly put up with me (!) and we made several recipes, including spelt buns, yogurt and whole wheat bread, kransekage (almond cakes), and Danish butter cookies:

And as an aside, the spelt buns weren't the only 'buns in the oven'. Literally half the women on the course were pregnant!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time for the two recipes I was most looking forward to: cinnamon rolls and brunsviger (a soft, breadlike cake from Denmark). But Trina gave us each some fresh yeast to try the recipes at home, as well as some of her own rye bread starter. So even more yummy Scandinavian treats to look forward to...


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on your buns!

  2. crikey,, when I read your post title I thought you were telling us something..... the baking looks delicious, and I bet it smelt amazing too.

  3. Those pregnant ladies - they can't resist a baked something-or-other!

  4. If your cookie has a hole in the centre does that mean you should eat more of them? I say yes!