12 November 2008

bliss-ful blanket

There's been a sad dearth of knitting posts over the past six months. But I have been knitting, specifically the Cabled Throw from Debbie Bliss' Simple Living:

Here's the throw tucked up around the sofa cushions (a look I first saw and loved at Pebblebeach):

The yarn is Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino Aran in silver gray, which not only coordinates beautifully with Persephone books (!) but feels gorgeous and is so easy to knit with.

G thinks we now have enough blankets and throws. But I think we might need just one more--to cover the other sofa cushions of course!


  1. That is just beautiul, Kristina! So much work but oh, soooo worth it. Well done you.
    A note to G - you can never have enough blankets and throws!!!!! Especially when they are this wonderful.

  2. That is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of throws too, but I'm afraid mine come from John Lewis rather than my own needles ...

  3. Absolutely stunning with the Persephone!

  4. you can never have tooo many throws, and I love the tucked in look, but I hope you untuck it sometimes to snuggle under.!

  5. Swoon.

    Though a hand knitted throw and crumb strewing boys would not be a good combination for me, I fear.

    The word verification thingummy says 'chilys'. Not that there'll be any at your house now.

  6. What a dreamy throw - I can just imagine wrapping myself up in it. Such beautiful knitting - how clever you are.

  7. Oh Kristina, this is just so gorgeous, absolutely worth the months of knitting, the colour is perfect and it looks so beautiful on your sofa. You should be very proud of yourself.

  8. It's gorgeous! Looks beautiful...well done. And surely you can never have too many throws?
    D x