17 July 2008

up the coast

On the last day of our holiday--with the sun finally shining!--we made our way up the coast to Thorpeness.

I was very keen to see the House in the Clouds, having spied it on a postcard in the newsagents in Aldeburgh. The house was constructed in 1923 to disguise the Thorpeness water tower. Completely mad, but absolutely brilliant! The water tank has since been removed, and it's now rented out as a holiday home.

Across the lane is the Thorpeness windmill. It was built in 1803 as a corn mill in nearby Aldringham. But it was purchased and moved to Thorpeness in 1923 to pump water for the water tower.

Here's G stretching his legs on the windmill's steep steps before our long drive back to London:


  1. Fabulous house - I didn't know about that!

  2. Great house....and lovely photos, too.

  3. i LOVE that house
    is it too late to change my house plans.........
    t x

  4. Ah, I love the House in the Clouds and made poor DH divert to visit it!

  5. The picture of G stretching his legs on the windmill is amazingly good: how handsome he looks!