03 July 2008

hi ho! cherry-o*

We finally have a proper crop of sweet cherries:

The first year, the birds stripped our tree nearly bare. I think G and I managed to salvage one cherry each. The second year, only our sour cherry fruited.

But now we have loads of lovely sweet cherries, which I'm trying my best to eat in a lady-like manner (oh, those bothersome pits).

But I still can't resist draping linked pairs over my ears...so maybe not quite so lady-like after all!

* Hi Ho! Cherry-O was one of my favorite childhood games--almost as much fun as cherries over the ears:


  1. Mmmm, I've would have stripped that tree bare!

  2. How I love cherries. When we first began seeing each other, my hubby bought me a paper bag full instead of a bunch of flowers. It was a very good call.

  3. oh yes cherry earrings!

    I refuse to pay the astronomical prices British supermarket charge so I haven't had any this year yet... I'm very jealous of your tree!

  4. I love cherries, but like Monica, find them waaaay too expensive. Maybe we should out a cherry tree on the allotment - are they very fussy trees?

  5. Oh cherries, how I love them and that scene in Witches of Eastwick which I always think of when lounging around spitting out stones...