16 July 2008

fish and chips

Six years after moving to England, I've finally tucked into an order of fish and chips! The shop in the center of Aldeburgh had a comely mermaid:

But we'd been advised to go to the shop nearer our cottage. G very gallantly stood in line in the rain to collect our dinner, returning with soaked umbrella in one hand and paper bags in the other.

The fish was really quite nice, although I must admit I wasn't so keen on the mushy peas! I can definitely see this becoming a seaside holiday tradition (without the peas, that is).


  1. I have stood in that line, and it was so worth it! Not liking mushy peas? Shame on you! They'll grow on you...

  2. Lovely. I have a strange affection for mushy peas although my ordering them always draws groans from the rest of the family.

  3. I've been there too! Yum!

    But mushy peas? Blech. As for growing on you, well, they certainly might but who wants to be covered in green sludge?! ;-)

  4. half my family like mushy peas, and the other half don't - it always makes for a lively debate!