15 July 2008

inside by the seaside

We've just returned from our first visit to Aldeburgh.

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate until our very last day (when the picture below was taken), so we spent a good deal of time inside by the seaside.

Luckily our little cottage on the High Street was just as lovely inside as outside.

And while I might have struggled with browning the top of my fish pie, I've been wholly converted to the warming and cozifying properties of the Rayburn. Absolute bliss to pull up a chair and soak up its warmth (with a good book, of course) on a gray and chilly day by the sea.


  1. Lucky you, even if the sun was reluctant to appear. With a cottage that gorgeous, it's not so bad staying in by the rayburn!

  2. What a wonderful cottage. I've spent many a windswept day on the beach in Aldeburgh.

    Unfortunately looking at the trans-atlantic cable landing terminal rather than taking in the ambience.

    Oh, and en-route to the nuclear power station. What a glam working life I had (not)!

  3. Oh I LOVE Aldeburgh. Note to self - must go there this summer - usually we end up going out of season which is quiet, and dramatic, but coooooold.

  4. Fish Pie? Did I hear you say Fish Pie? I wonder if it was homemade and if so whether it was edible!

    What a lovely cottage to spend time in - I am glad that you had a lovely break.

  5. I too, love Aldeburgh. We had planned to get back there this year...hopefully we will!

    Your cottage looks wonderful.