17 August 2009

most puzzling

I've been puzzling my way through the credit crunch with Springbok's Color of Money jigsaw:

Even amongst 2000 pieces, I found I could locate the teensiest bit of dollar bill or pound note in a tic! Who knew I was so intimately acquainted with Ben Franklin's nose and the Queen's eyebrows?

And there were euros as well:

So many interesting patterns, pictures, and portraits, including this very handsome gentleman, who put me in mind of Mr Darcy:

Wish I could identify the country, because credit crunch or no credit crunch, it could be worth a visit just to use the currency!


  1. You must have the patience of a saint! It's years since I've attempted a zigsaw.

  2. I must say it looks awfully difficult.

  3. I would definitely support a 'bill' to have Mr Darcy placed on currency! D x

  4. It's an Australian 10 dollar note! And the very handsome gentleman is Dame Mary Gilmore : )

  5. The smell of the rain-washed florin!
    The lure of the lira!
    The glitter and the glory of the guinea!
    The romance of the ruble!
    The feel of the franc!
    The heel of the deutschmark!
    The cold antiseptic sting of the Swiss franc!
    And the sunburnt splendor of the Australian dollar!