31 August 2009

apples in august

It may still be August, but there're definitely signs of autumn about. Yesterday morning, having donned both a sweater and coat, I shuffled my way through nascent piles of leaves and chestnuts on my way to the shops:

We even have apples ready for harvesting:

While we used to gather loads from the old (Victorian) orchard tucked away in our development,

we now have some serious competition. This year, a keen bean beat us to it, picking the lower branches clean and hoovering up the windfalls in one fell swoop. We did manage to gather a few,

but only enough for two small batches of applesauce.

So good thing we know Rachel, who has an apple tree so big she actually owns professional picking equipment! After a visit to Rachel today, we have enough apples to make a whole freezer-full of applesauce. Now we're ready for autumn and winter!


  1. I'd love to have room for an apple tree, but until that happy day I can see I'm going to have to cultivate a 'contact'!

  2. Oh, I LOVE walking through dried leaves! Rachel sounds like the best friend ever, didn't she come to your rescue with some blackberries as well?

  3. The whole family is picking Bramleys right now, apple pie is on the menu.

  4. All we need now is a mechanical peeler to make apple sauce on a commercial scale!