30 August 2009

dash to haberdashery

Last week, Rachel and I traveled into London to meet my design-and-sewing guru Amy Butler. Liberty itself was looking fab, with an entire wall swathed in Betsy fabric as part of its Prints Charming exhibition:

As soon as we reached Haberdashery, we spotted Amy, who's just as beautiful in person as she is online and in her books. Here's one from her website, as my own pictures were terribly yellow (which does make you wonder about the lighting in the fabric department):

When I'm nervous, I tend to witter terribly and say the most embarrassing things. But luckily Amy wasn't fazed by comments like 'Wow, you're really tall!'

She's so incredibly friendly and down-to-earth. We had the loveliest long chat, and she signed both my books...

even after my silly (and now infamous) tall comment!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love the fabric covered wall. And the tall comment? Funny! That sounds exactly like something I would say ;-).

  2. Such a lovely look for Liberty! You must have had a huge smile on your face all day and not to worry, I'm sure Ms Butler found you to be quite charming. D x

  3. How funny. But at least it wouldn't have come as a shock to her....

  4. Oh lucky you! I suspect Amy is used to people saying 'gosh, aren't you tall!'....I know I am!! (as if I didn't know).

    Love the pic of Liberty.

    D x

  5. I'm feeling quite left out - it seems I'm the only one who didn;t meet Amy Butler this month ;-)

    Seriously, it sounds like a marvellous way to spend a day - lucky you!

  6. Love Amy Butler! Envy, envy!!

    (And I'm still cracking up about the tallness remark.)

    My word verif is "dulse." Do you need some seaweed in your diet?

  7. Oh Kristina, I shrieked when I read the "tall" thing, brilliant. I am rather green with envy too, sounds like such a lovely day and Liberty looks amazing.