01 December 2008

winter wonderland

The mornings have turned icy here in Teddington, with thick frost on the ground and more than a nip in the air. So a few days ago, G and I headed out to Petersham, Richmond's very own winter wonderland:

While my Chelsea bun was scrumptious and the coffee was strong and warming, I was far more excited about the myriad baubles, piled high in galvanized buckets and stone pots...

and hanging from every available branch:

Clear glass...

and silvered glass:

Plenty of sparkle to warm the heart on a freezing December day:


  1. Such lovely silvery-ness! And such a nice change from all the shocking red and green. Don't get me wrong, I love the evergreeny green and the berry red at Christmas, but at times, the cool, wintry frostiness of silver is so calming!


  2. that heart is quite enchanting

  3. How I long for breakable ornaments again...
    Magical pictures.

  4. Quite enchanting! We visited our own local Christmas grotto this year and I was underwhelmed by the selection of decorations for sale this year. I'm glad your trip was fun!

  5. So lovely! I love the clear glass ones, and the silvery ones, too. And the rest, too!

  6. Petersham nursery is wonderland indeed - the decorations are fit for the Queen of Hearts to be sure.