12 December 2008

ginger all the way

Tis the season for ginger: a warming spice for frosty days. These are the ginger-buttermilk cupcakes from Cupcakes and Fairycakes (part of the Australian Women's Weekly series):

While these little cakes are quite gingery, they're also very light and tender, made with just a few tablespoons of golden syrup rather than the more usual treacle or molasses.

The book calls them Sweet Ginger Aces, and they are indeed ace!


  1. I love ginger, it is so warming and has the most delicious scent. Those cupcakes look very tempting on such a cold dreary day/

  2. Oooh, they look most splendid, I do so love ginger.

  3. Is it wrong to want one of those when I haven't yet had breakfast? How delicious with a cup of tea!

  4. I used to think I didn't like gingerbread because I don't like raw ginger--blech!--but I tried some last year and my life will never be the same. Your cupcakes look fabulous!

  5. Can't stop ... having sudden mad impulse to make gingerbread...