13 December 2008

lay-ee-odl lay-ee-odl lay-hee-hoo

This past Thursday, as Persephone Books was offering complimentary mulled wine, mince pies, and gift wrapping, G and I ventured into London for a bit of holiday shopping:

After visiting Persephone, we headed to Marylebone High Street for a peek round the always-stylish Skandium and the quirky, Edwardian Daunt Books, then on down to Moxon Street for a Festive Alpine Supper at La Fromagerie:

In addition to selling cheese, La Fromagerie runs a tasting cafe and hosts a program of tasting events throughout the year. Someday I'd love to attend their annual Thanksgiving Dinner: I imagine it would make being away from home not-quite-so-bad!

The Alpine Supper was delicious: chicken broth with thyme dumplings to start, then sausages with sauerkraut and spaetzle. It was without a doubt the best sauerkraut and spaetzle I've ever had: the sauerkraut had such a lovely mild and delicate flavor. And each course was paired with a gorgeous wine.

Dinner was followed by a tasting of Swiss and Bavarian farmhouse cheeses tutored by Patricia Michelson herself. So I now know a bit about Tilsiter, Boschenkase, Bachensteiner, Alpkase Luven, and Bavarian Blue. Odl lay-hee-hoo!


  1. You are absolutely living my dream life!

  2. In my next life, I want to come back as you. Sounds wonderful.

  3. There were also two Bavarian muscians in lederhosen. Unless you like hairy legs, I think you would find them very scary!

  4. That seriously sounds like heaven. You know where I go Christmas shopping? Target.

    They don't let you taste test anything there.

  5. Oh, how jealous am I!!! Sounds like the perfect evening.