13 December 2008

more puzzling

Another holiday puzzle, this one featuring towers of shiny baubles in blue and green, silver and gold:

I only wish we had a mantelpiece in the Jolly Hockey Sticks clubhouse so we could recreate this oh-so-very-Martha scene:

This is the first Springbok puzzle I've ever done with a decorative border. It made assembling the edge--always my first task--so much easier! 


  1. I love puzzles!
    And I'm afraid of the boiling oil too, that's why we haven't made the doughnuts yet!

  2. Truly gorgeous! R thinks so too, I made him look.

  3. Great, so festive. I do love settling down with a puzzle. Not done one for too long!
    D x

  4. I was looking at the puzzles in John Lewis at the weekend and thinking how boring they all looked. Why couldn't they have had one like yours?! Can you tell us where it's from?

  5. Far too easy! How can you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles if they are easy! You have to suffer by only doing difficult ones.