04 September 2008

last hurrah

I think this will be our last frozen treat from the allotment this summer (what little summer we've had): raspberry ice cream.

Definitely a big step up from the sherbet. I'm afraid sorbets and sherbets just don't do it for me. I crave the lovely creaminess of ice cream!

And I just noticed how autumnal the lawn is starting to look with its scattering of leaves...


  1. That ice cream looks yummy. I am with you on the sorbet vs ice cream issue - cream all the way!!
    Cathy XX

  2. That looks just delicious - the perfect end to the summer that never was!

  3. I need hot chocolate today!!!

  4. This Rasberry icecream is probably the best I have ever tasted - the concentration of fruit creates a party in the mouth!